2013 Emmett Leahy Award Winner, Dr. Galina Datskovsky, CRM


An independent consultant, Dr. Galina Datskovsky was recently Senior Vice President of Information Governance at Autonomy, an HP Company. She serves on the board and is a past President of ARMA International, the Professional Organization of the Information Governance and Management Discipline. Formerly she was Senior Vice President of Architecture at CA Technologies, responsible for corporate-wide architecture and design initiatives, General Manager of the Information Governance Business Unit and a Distinguished Engineer. She joined CA in 2006 with the acquisition of MDY Group International, where she served as founder and CEO. Galina is a Certified Records Manager (CRM) and is recognized around the world as an expert in records management and associated technologies, including the convergence of records and document management, email and physical records management, and federated records management. She received her CRM certification in 2004 and earned doctoral and master’s degrees in Computer Science from Columbia University.

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2013 Emmett Leahy Award to Galina Datskovsky: Remarks

ARMA Annual Conference Las Vegas, Nevada October 28, 2013 Jason R. Baron, Vice-Chair & Presenter

The Emmett Leahy Award is the highest award for individual accomplishment in the information and records management profession. Given in honor of Emmett Leahy, the legendary pioneer of records management, this award annually recognizes an individual whose contributions and outstanding achievements have had a major impact on the records and information management profession.

I am delighted to be representing the Emmett Leahy Award Committee in presenting the 2013 Emmett Leahy Award this year.  The Emmett Leahy Award promotes and facilitates industry leadership by identifying individuals who have demonstrated exemplary contributions to the records and information management professions.  This is done by carefully and critically assessing the achievements and contributions of RIM professionals against strict criteria.  An individual is identified who has demonstrated the most overall positive impact on the RIM Profession.  In the spirit of Emmett Leahy himself, award winners provide a strong example for present and future leaders of the RIM Profession.  The Award also promotes and facilitates RIM thought leadership by collecting and disseminating the vision, wisdom and ideas of its leaders to all RIM practitioners around the world.  In fact, six of the last 10 awardees have been from outside of the US representing the UK, Italy, Australia and Canada.

It should be noted, however, that the Emmett Leahy Award Committee is an independent entity and is not a a part of the National Archives and Records Administration, the Institute of Certified Records Managers, ARMA International, or any private commercial entity.

The 2013 Emmett Leahy Awardee is an internationally recognized expert in the field of information governance.  She may be a unique individual in the world, someone who holds two Masters degrees and a PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University, as well as being a Certified Records Manager (CRM).  After stints at IBM and Bell Labs, she co-founded her own company, MDY, responsible for developing best of breed software in the records management space.   Later many of us knew her as a Senior Vice President at CA Inc., as well as Senior Vice President for Information Governance at Autonomy, now an HP company.  Currently she is her own principal as an information governance consultant to the world.  

Along the way, this year’s recipient has had a major impact on the profession through her leadership of ARMA, including service on the ARMA Board as Past President and Board Chair.  In the view of the Leahy Committee, her work in assisting with the rollout of the ARMA Initiative of the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles, now known simply by the name, The Principles, her numerous presentations and articles, and her general cheerleading on behalf of greater recognition of the importance of IG generally, were all material factors in her selection as this year’s recipient.  On a personal note, I have found watched with admiration our recipient manage Board meetings at ARMA, and consider her one of the smartest individuals in the RIM world today.  

On behalf of Ken Thibodeau, Chair of the 2013 Emmett Leahy Award Committee, and my fellow colleagues on the Committee, I am delighted to present the 2013 Emmett Leahy Award to Galina Datskovsky, Ph.D, CRM.