Recognizing Excellence in Records & Information Management



Trudy Huskamp Peterson

Winner of the 2018
Emmett Leahy Award

Awarded for Outstanding Contributions and Accomplishments that Have a Major Impact on the Records and Information Management Profession

Previous three Winners

2017: Richard Marciano


Prof. at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA.

 Director of the Digital Curation Innovation Center (DCIC).


  • Staff Scientist, Data Intensive Computing Environments Group, San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego
  • Computational Environmental Scientist, National Supercomputing Institute, Las Vegas, UNLV

2016: Adrian Brown


Director  at the Parliamentary Archives, London, UK.


  • Trustee, International Records Management Trust
  • Head of Digital Preservation, The National Archives UK
  • Board Member, Digital Preservation Coalition
  • Head of Information Management & Collections, English Heritage

2015: Victoria Lemieux


Associate Prof. at the University of British Columbia iSchool, CAN.

Lead  of the Blockchain research cluster.


  • Senior Public Sector Specialist, The World Bank
  • Vice-President, Credit Suisse
  • University Archivist and Senior Lecturer, University of the West Indies
  • Director Information Services and Records Management, City of Edmonton

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